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Frozen Scallop, sashimi scallop meat or cooking scallop meat base on buyer, we also process IQF half shell scallop roe off or roe on, boiled scallop meat roe off or roe on.

Frozen sea scallop meat (latin name : Patinopecten Yessoensis),IQF, size 20/30,30/40,40/60,60/80,80/100,100/120pcs per kg, 60%-100%NW, in bulk or bag package.

Frozen farreri scallop meat (latin name: Chlamys Farreri),IQF, size 60/80,80/100,100/120,120/150pcs per kg,60%-100%NW, in bulk or bag package.

Frozen bay scallop meat (latin name : Argopecten Irradians),IQF, size 10/20,20/30,30/40,40/60pcs per kg,60%-100%NW, in bulk or bag package.

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